Worst Interview Questions

Instead hes watching how you well you handle the question. Prepare by reviewing the worst responses and taking the time to formulate better answers.

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Its amazing how many companies just wing it.

Worst interview questions. The Five Worst Interview Questions. Worst interview questions ever. 10 to avoid at all costs Believe it or not some of the worst interview questions are the ones hiring managers ask without even realizing they shouldnt.

A little preparation can. Whats your greatest weakness. 10 Worst Interview Responses.

Why Should We Hire You. Why do you want to work here. Worst Interview Questions and Why Theyre Ineffective Question 1.

Take a look at some examples of the worst types of answers to interview questions so you can be sure to avoid giving these responses during your next interview. What interests you about this role. Top 10 Interview Questions 1.

This is the worst question ever -- its intrusive and presumptuous and has zip-all to do with your qualifications for the job -- but you still have to say something if somebody asks you this question. 10 Worst Interview Questions to Ask. Tell me about yourself This question is often used to identify personality traits of the candidate but heres the problem.

Tell me about yourself. What are you passionate about. These questions can be tricky and how you respond to them can determine whether you are hired.

What makes you unique. Im constantly startled by what some applicants apparently believe is in their interests to ask. With so many good candidates why should I hire you.

What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. Rather than pick specific questions I would say the worst interview questions come from ad hoc interviewing practices. By John Kador Monster Contributing Writer Whenever I meet people who routinely interview job candidates I always ask them to tell me the worst question they were ever asked by an applicant.

What employers want in a response is an indication that you have the self-awareness to recognize areas you need to improve. Even with improvements in interviewing techniques and recruiting technology some tired questions persist during the job-interview process including that old favorite. 33 selected Previous salary questions.

Youll also find tips on what you can say instead to impress the interviewer. I dont know or It sounds like a good job. The go through the trouble of lining up 5-6 people or in other words 500-600 of time spent interviewing one person on site.

What are your greatest weaknesses. Using our 40 worst questions we asked participants to select the ones theyve been asked in interviews and vote for the worst question of all. What are your greatest strengths.

When an interviewer asks about your worst qualities or greatest weaknesses hes not looking for an itemized list of your flaws. For instance if you find out someone attended the same high school you attended whats wrong with asking them what year they graduated. Why are you leaving your current job.

How would you describe yourself. Q1 Have you ever been asked any of the following types of questions in a job interview. Dont be complacent about the routine questions asked during interviews.

What would your last boss say about you. Below youll find a breakdown of all the questions and answers.

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