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22022018 Share through pinterest. Provide good examples from your time in school and the specific teaching elements that you find satisfying.

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I prepared this document last year when I had my interview for primary PGCE at Nottm Trent Uni.

Questions to ask in a pgce interview. What is your vision for the future of the school. For example if you only ask questions about the discipline structure in the school the employer might think you are unsure of your classroom management skills. PGCE University Interview Questions Sample university interview questions for a PGCE degree.

So what really is the point of it. 24052021 Questions to ask in an interview. As well as the example questions below you can find further help in our University Interviews Guide.

Many candidates can blow a potential new role by bamboozling an interview afterwards to find out how they did and this can come off as erratic and distracting leading a hiring manager to focus on other. You need to demonstrate that teaching is your first choice not a plan B. Avoid asking questions about just one subject.

What are some of the challenges people in this role encounter. Why Do You Want To Be a Teacher. 03082018 Final questions you should ask in your interview Its important when leaving an interview for both parties to feel confident and informed.

- what proportion of trainees complete the course. Ask questions about a variety of topics to demonstrate your curiosity and interest in all aspects of the position. What are some good questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the PGCE interview.

I used these ideas to answer questions I was asked at interview and gained a place on the course. Here are a few that could be useful to ask. Prepare a couple of questions to ask at the end of the interview.

Depends on what you need to know. Here are some example questions to help you prepare for your PGCE university interview. Why do you want to become a teacher.

Talk us through your personal statement. Be prepared to reveal your opinions ideas and attitudes. Concentrating on a single topic will make the interviewer think you are particularly nervous about that issue.

When applying for a PGCE course youll need to be aware that different universities use different interview methods and you could find yourself in a one on one group interview or even be asked to give a short presentation. PGCE general questions Ready for questions and Tell us about your personal statement Why do you wish to become a teacher How do. Read the sample PGCE Interview Questions for a flavour of what you may be asked.

Some of the best types of questions focus on processes in the school such as. 150 Page Interview Skills Guide packed full of interview advice to tips from interview experts and all of the most common interview questions with detailed answers. Order today and you will get this bonus guide FREE offer available for a limited time only.

For example if you only ask questions about your manager and his managerial style the interviewer may assume you have an issue with authority figures. Teacher training interview questions. 24052013 Prepare some examples in the world of interviews questions like give us an example of a time youve had to deal with a such and such a situation are always popular.

One of mine asked would you break a childs trust if they told you about something at home which concerned you. Whats the most important thing I could do within the first 90 days. Think of some times on work experience when youve solved a problem or dealt with a particular issue then memorise them as examples for your interview.

It was then checked by a careers advisor after I had finished. There isnt a single person attending a PGCE interview who hasnt autonomically barked out TELL THE SENIOR DESIGNATED PERSON in response to the question. Can you elaborate on the day-to-day responsibilities this job entails.

The question about what you like and dislike about English is also reasonable its a little bit like asking you for one. What key developments do you have planned. - what does the year look like what proportion is placements vs uni days.

20022021 Ask Questions About Multiple Topics. Tell us about yourself. 17022020 The National Curriculum question is perfectly reasonable you are advised to have an understanding of it prior to interview.

What are the characteristics of someone who would succeed in this role. - what support is in place for trainees who are struggling. How is PSHE delivered.

11052020 Ask About Multiple Topics Do not focus too much on one subject. Why did you apply to this university. 13112020 15 PGCE Interview Questions And Answers.

Talk about your motivation and emphasize your passion for teaching.

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