Initial Phone Interview Questions

Phone interview question 3. Tell me about yourselfTell me about your background.

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Why do you want to work here.

Initial phone interview questions. What are you passionate about. 45 minutes Question 1. List of the top 10 phone interview questions.

Hiring managers use them to identify the best and brightest candidates determining who will move onto the next round. The exact nature of the phone interview questions can vary depending on the job. To help you get more out of every screening we asked recruiters to tell us their go-to phone interview questions.

Phone Interview Questions. If I was hired how would I be interacting with you and your department. Phone interview question 2.

Tell me what you know about the role. Are you willing to relocate for this job Odds are if youre doing a phone interview its because youre not in the same area the work is. Tell me about yourself.

What is your current and expected salary. During the initial phone interview the candidate is also trying to learn if your company is a good fit for them. What qualities are you looking for in the person you hire to join this company.

Why are you applying for this position. What salary range are you targeting for this position. What are your key strengths.

Why do you want to work here. What are you passionate about. How Did You Find This Role.

Below weve included detailed information behind these phone interview questions to ask candidates. Of course you can supplement some of these 10 questions with some standard-issue interview questions such as. We have an article dedicated to phone interview questions.

Phone Interview Questions. How would you describe the responsibilities of this position. Other Fallback Phone Interview Screening Questions.

Look for a candidate who has the confidence to reply with something she is truly passionate about -- you might want to use this question as an icebreaker at the beginning of a phone interview but you can also use it halfway through the interview if you feel the candidates answers are stiff and you want to uncover some deeper layers to her personality. You dont have to include questions that require too much thinking on the candidates part. Why do you want this job.

Why are you looking for jobs. Questions to ask candidates in a phone interview Phone interviews are helpful during initial hiring stages. Its a quick filter in two ways.

If youre unsure what to expect in that call here are some of the more common phone interview questions you might face and some advice on how to answer them with ease. Here are 10 of the most useful eye-opening and creative questions they shared. What excites you about this job or Why do you want to work for our company are both good phone interview questions to ask your candidates.

Pre-screening interview questions to ask include. What are your salary expectations. It can be a sign of not only the persons interest in the job but their preparation for the call.

Why do you want this job. Tell me what you know about the role. Best Phone Interview Questions.

What would your current boss say about you. Theyre an opportunity to reject candidates who dont possess must-have skills for a specific position. What would be your expectations and your measures for success.

Why are you applying for this position. No questions Its not a deal breaker but toward the end of the call most candidates should have a question or two to ask about the team job or company. Phone Screen 2 Time.

Tell me about yourselfTell me about your background. Phone Interview Questions to Ask the Interviewer. What are your salary expectations.

In addition to reviewing the typical phone interview questions that youll most likely be asked its also important to have a list of questions ready to ask the phone interviewer. This is a question you should ask yourself LONG BEFORE the interviewer doesand one you have to answer honestly. If an applicant is making well above what you offer you shouldnt move forward with them.

N-Ary tree deletion related question similar to https. Why are you leaving your current job. Here is the list of the top 10 phone interview questions to ask job candidates.

When youre on the phone its always better to speak slowly. Its very possible that the interviewer will ask at the end of the conversation Is there anything I havent told you about the job or company that you would like to know. Do you have certain benefits that are important to you.

Many interviewers will ask Walk me through your resume as one of the first few phone interview questions because it breaks the ice gives you a relatively easy question and gives them a chance to learn more about your background. In many cases phone interviews are screening tools. As a result youll always want to leave 5 minutes to see if your candidates have any questions for you.

Why are you looking for jobs. What made you apply. How did you find out about our job opening.

Top 10 Common Phone Interview Questions With Example Answers. Asking this question on a phone screen can save you time making sure it aligns with each other. Phone interview question 1.

Tell Me About YourselfWalk Me Through Your Resume. What are your weaknesses.

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