Greatest Weakness Examples

Here is the list of weaknesses you can mention. Sample answers to Tell me about your biggest weakness question.

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Rather a strength that can get improved and not a weakness or missing talent.

Greatest weakness examples. For example a great weakness would be patience. For example if you like working independently you may find you have a hard time asking for help. Im the biggest critic of my work and I can always find something that needs to be improved or changed.

Example Interview Answer for Whats Your Greatest Weakness When I look at my skill set as a whole one weakness right now would be Java Programming. I am a blabbermouth. Example weakness 4.

Instead employers are looking for you to be reflective and honest. Lets find your TOP 3 WEAKNESSES together below. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and have been guilty of nurturing people when they are overdue for termination.

Lacking experience Im not familiar with the latest version of insert name of non-critical software. Do you know how to answer what are your weaknesses. 17 Best Examples of Interview Answers to the What are your Weaknesses Question.

Also make sure that your weakness has nothing to do directly with your job and that it is something you have worked on or intend to improve. Its just not something that Ive been asked to do since school so I understand the fundamentals but Im pretty rusty in terms of working hands-on with it. Theres not a single detail of your work which isnt exactly the way you planned it.

Employers see right through the disingenuous Well my greatest weakness is that Im a perfectionist type of responses weve been trained to give for decades. When finding a weakness use a weakness that is subtle. My greatest weakness is that I sometimes focus too much on the details of a project and spend too much time analyzing the finer points.

For example a sense of urgency to complete projects can be turned into a positive. Remember this is only part of a good answer for the what are your weaknesses question. Being a perfectionist has never been a problem though.

Example My greatest weakness is that I sometimes have a hard time letting go of a project. In my last few jobs thats where Ive spent time learning and growing. This often leads me to overwork myself and leaves me feeling burned out.

I am very shy and often have trouble speaking up in meetings. Still not sure how to get started. As a manager I feel that my greatest weakness is in terminating employees at the first sign that they are not going to work out.

Eg you are a candidate who will make sure a project is done on time. I get nervous when speaking in front of large groups. 18 Strength and Weakness Perfectionist.

You do not need a long list of weaknesses. Whenever I complete a project I cant help but feel that I could have done more even if my work received a positive response. Here are some sample answers to this tricky question about your greatest weaknesses.

Situation - My greatest weakness is that I talk too much. I have the habit of spending a lot of time with my laptop. To help myself improve in this area I give myself deadlines for revisions and try to avoid making too many last-minute changes 3.

Some examples of weaknesses related to academics include. You can get better through practice and learning new skills and this is a common development area Harder to fix. I demand the best from the people around me and above all from myself.

And chocolate cake First offyoure permanently kicked out of the Superheroes Anonymous club Secret Identity means its a SECRET genius and secondly youre not kidding anyone with funnynot funny answers like this one. Here are our seventeen best examples of answers to the common interview question asking about your weakness. 1 I tend to be overly critical of myself.

When being too involved with work is your weakness Sample answer 4 One of the greatest weaknesses I have is that Im usually too involved with the work at hand which eventually leads to a blurred line between work-life balance. I have worked on this by reading books on leadership. I have difficulty giving feedback to my peers.

Since it is a strength but can always get improved. Instead Ive focused on insert name of preferred software because user-centric design has become a strong passion of mine. Lets use an example of a weakness for the Server candidate that matches our job offer.

You arent satisfied with anything less than 100 perfection. My greatest weakness isKryptonite. Ive been striving to improve in this area by checking in with myself at regular intervals and giving myself a chance to re-focus on the bigger picture.

How to answer what are your weaknesses. Coursework a particular course you struggled with Essay writing be sure to emphasize your strength in other forms of writing Being overly involved in on-campus activities if a student or recent graduate. Im not a natural public speaker.

Or perhaps you find yourself with an attention to detail that leads you to triple-check every item on a.

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