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Sometimes recruiters ask this question during an initial phone screening or they may hold off on discussing salary until youve met face-to-face. When completing an application either online or in person.

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Many employers will check references and confirm your salary history prior to making a job offer.

Interview salary question. There are a few reasons employers ask this question. Remember this is a conversation and not an interrogation. Leave the field blank.

Dont exaggerate or inflate your earnings. Its a salary negotiation tactic disguised as a gatekeeper-type interview question. Let the employer name their price.

In general I expect a salary thats consistent with current employees at the same level. If you are able to put off talking about salary and can establish some creditably and they are happy with you then you are in a better position Here are a few ways to respond to different. If the question comes up in your interview simply deflect by saying youve researched the fair market value of the job in that region and youre sure that at the appropriate time you would be.

Address any major discrepancies with your current pay level in your cover letter. Id appreciate knowing how you value this position and what your budget is for this role The way you say this is very important. At some point during the interview process you will likely be asked about your salary or compensation expectationsthat is how much you would like to earn in this job.

What Do You Expect in the Way of Salary A. In this article we discuss interview questions about salary expectations. The worst thing you can do in your interview is say Yeah I was looking for 65k to 75k when they had a budget allocated for this position for 75k to 85k.

Say it with a smile on your face and raise your voice at the end of the sentence so it seems like a question. To strengthen your response try mentioning any performance incentives you have receivedresponded well to in past positions. You may be asked for your salary expectations directly asked to enter a number in an application form or asked to respond to a predetermined salary range offered by the employer.

Im quite open and slightly flexible on salary as the opportunity to add value and to be valued is important to me. Put a zero or type No in the field. The salary question is a box the recruiter.

In most cases the company has budgeted a pay range for the role. Since this question might be during a salary discussionnegotiation you could also ask the interviewer if the offer performance incentives and how they are outlined. If a question such as tell me about your salary expectations catches you off guard during an interview it can be stressful to discuss it on the spot.

Salary Expectation A test for your mind space and stability. Type in NA for not. No matter how great the job interview goes an interview question about your salary expectations can stop you short.

Ask the what the range is for the job or ask to hear the interviewers best offer. They asked for my current salary and salary expectations so Ill tell them that so we can move on. While a question about your salary expectations is one of the most straightforward things employers ask during a job interview it can be stressful to talk about money.

Employers may bring up the topic of pay at some point in the interview process. You may be asked for your salary expectations directly on an application form or in response to a pre-determined salary range offered by the employer. Understanding the trickiness of the questionit gives different interpretations to the interviewers.

The question about the salary is often placed by an interviewer to understand the priorities of the applicant. This goes for any interview question of course. However you can avoid this by preparing answers to salary-related job interview questions prior to your interview.

The current salary question may be asked at different points in the hiring and interview process. The goal is to get them to mention their ideal range first since that will put you at an advantage for negotiations Magas says. How to Answer.

You have several options. So when you hear the salary expectations question youll be thinking What do I need to say to get to my next interview. What are you looking for in terms of salary is a straightforward question and yet the answer is so complex.

Make sure that what you tell the interviewer matches what you listed on your job application. 1 - Before I answer that question Id like to ask what you typically pay someone with my experience and education in this type of position Good Answer. The application form may contain a field for Current Salary.

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