Questions To Ask Recruiter Before Interview

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and recruiters need to be able to tell the difference between an honest mistake born from nerves and one which indicates a lack of judgment or attention to detail. Here are our top 10 recommendations for topics and questions to pose to recruiters as you are learning about the opportunity and then when you are preparing for any interviews.

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What is the salary range for the position.

Questions to ask recruiter before interview. This will help you put yourself in the interviewers shoes. This question can help you screen for empathy and culture fit. Youll get the interviewers name and usually their role.

If your recruiter hasnt told you already ask this question. Is it a button-down culture where employees are expected to work late. Company culture is important and a question that you should always ask recruiters.

Theres really no excuse not to be ready for the inevitable question that recruiters expect you to be prepared for So what do you know about our company Interviewer. Ask about the person who will be interviewing you. Megan Blanco MBA CTS PRC.

The recruiter may let you know whether the last employee left the company or was promoted to another position. Often candidates in the job market dont know what types of questions to ask the recruiter to best set them up for success during an interview. You want to be a good fit for the company and you want the company to be a good fit for you.

The recruiter may think their information is abundantly clear and wonder why youre calling I have a technique I employ for getting recruiters to open up and talk in more detail. What should you look out for. What is the interview process like.

How quickly does the position need to be filled. Tell me about a time one of your candidates didnt get the job. On values mission statement products markets etc.

Describe your relationship with your last three hiring managers. What is the company culture like. A promotion is a good sign of upward mobility within the organization.

Describe a time when a top candidate rejected a job offer. However dont assume that just because youre meeting with one or two people means youll be in and out in an hour. You can use these examples of questions and answers to prepare your recruiter interview.

What kind of candidate is this company looking for. How Long Have You Worked With The Company. What else can they provide.

Here are great questions to ask recruiters before an interview as advised by experts. What created the need for the position. How long has the position been open.

The Best Questions to Ask a Recruiter Before an Interview. If your interviewer is on the sales team theyre going to bring a different perspective than if youre interviewing with someone from the analytics team. Pay attention to how the recruiter describes the company.

Are there any staff get-togethers. Its better to ask the scheduler what to expect time-wise than make the wrong assumptions. It may seem a bit strange to be asking questions about a role when the information is listed on the advertisement.

Some interviewers like to ask a lot of questions or ask you to demonstrate your skills through problem-solving. This question will let you know whether the job is a newly-created position or a backfill. Talent Acquisition Manager Loyal Source Government Services.

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